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Vistaflores Estate Vineyards

the terroir

The Uco Valley is an oasis west of Mendoza, irrigated by the Tunuyán River. A number of tributaries flow into the Tunuyán River, making the valley very fertile. The Uco Valley is 3,400 feet above sea level and is situated directly in front of the Andes mountain range, which climb as high as 22,800 feet.

The Uco Valley offers pollution free pristine views of the mountains, and has soil that is perfect for growing grapes.

Vistaflores Estate´s three vineyards are in the Uco Valley, where the microclimate allows the grapes to mature to a high intensity and complexity.


the terroir

La Consulta "Old Vines" Vineyards

This is the "old vines" jewel of Vistaflores Estate. The vineyard is just less than 5 hectares (12.5 acres), at an altitude of 1,080 meters (3,500 feet). The vines were planted between 1947 and 1962, and this vineyard is pruned to achieve very low yields. The vineyard is 2/3 Malbec and 1/3 Merlot, and the Merlot is grown trellis, or "Italian style". The soil is predominantly clay.


the terroir

La Consulta Vineyards

This vineyard consists of 12 hectares (30 acres) at an altitude of 1,090 meters (3,500 feet). The vineyard was planted in 1995, with a density of 3,788 plants per hectare. The soil is predominantly clay. 7.1 hectares are planted in Malbec, 2.5 in Cabernet Sauvignon, 1.2 in Syrah, and .8 in Petit Verdot. A small organic fruit and vegetable garden, for Vistaflores Estate employees and their families, is maintained at this vineyard.

The ancient system of canals that bring water from the Andes, known as acequias, irrigates these vineyards.


the terroir

Vistaflores Vineyards

This "new" vineyard was planted in 2007, using modern drip irrigation techniques. The vineyard is 30 hectares (75 acres), of which 25 are planted, since a substantial "arroyo seco" runs through the vineyard. The vineyard is at an altitude of 1090 meters (3,500 feet), and the soil is partly sandy, partly rocky and partly clay, due to the impact of the arroyo seco. It is planted 2/3 Malbec, 1/6 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1/6 Cabernet Franc, with a density of 3,628 plants per planted hectare. Irrigation in this vineyard is by the drip method, which permits more precise control of water.